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By some reason when i did my releasing, well it just happened, i didn't do nothing actually.

I got flaschback from the starting words on that "Holy Book " for christians. “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness”  Started to bonder, who the heck is the God... and then it somewhat popped.. I do not know about that  god or whatever humans like to label it. The only thing what was was , if god is i and i'm the god then why the heck i as a god create the "suffering" so who is the i then who creats the "suffering" .Who is the i who gets caught int the thoughts so that those thoughts manifest in the way they do. And who the heck created those thoughst that they float around and pop up, down , off, on like out of nowhere.... bióndered, bondered and the silence came.

Some thing i sort of am sure.. something floats in.. in that silent state the attention goest to that floater and then bang its here...... manifestet like the red flag in front of the bull :P

By some reason the quote ( in my language the "our"and "us" parts are not included so in english it is even more confusing... :D , that beginning one from that book, i like a lot. If taken seriously , and acted true of it, many things ppl do would have been undone. Since if you are god, then god would never ever harm itself cause all your fellow countrymen are you, tho they at first need to know what god is.But that noone has ever been able to show nor explain.It is just something you know without any explanation.

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