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The following three chapters are from the upcoming book Love's Little Secret.



There are an infinite number of mysteries in life that no one person is able to solve. From life itself being a mystery, to our solar system and the universe being greater mysteries. There’s also something called Talent, which so far is an unsolvable mystery that happens to be a prime reason for success in any field of life. While Talent is discussed throughout this chapter, it’s important to remember that the word success (small “s”) identifies any success, small or large in any field of life, when it’s achieved without Love. Whereas, Success (capital “S”) identifies accomplishment of any size made in any field of life when we’re guided by Love.


In the chapter True Dreamers of the American dream: The Giving People, you’ll find many of these people using the word “luck” as being one of the reasons for their success. But what is luck? By some it means being born in America, the land of opportunities; others believe luck means lucky genes or being born to loving parents…. Yet, all this so called luck has little to do with success. The idea of luck causing success is created by the mind. In relation to success the word luck is meaningless as it doesn't define the reason behind the success; it’s also misleading implying that anyone can get lucky. Only in a situation like lottery “luck”, luck may be used as reason for winning, because there is not reason there what so ever, but pure luck.


It must be noted that genetics may contribute to a Talent and a consequent success, but until proven this contribution is still in the realm of speculation. As to America, being the land of opportunities or being born to loving parents… millions were born to favorable circumstances and didn't succeed because... of the lack of Talent related to their goal. On the other hand some risers from rags to riches were born to negative circumstances and were able to create a great wealth because they possessed Talent that is necessary to create wealth.


Only as a distant approximation may we allude to Talent as being a set of special qualities, where each quality must be uniquely individual and harmonious with all other qualities in order to create a genius in any particular field of life. The more fine-tuned and harmonious the alliance of these qualities, the greater success or Success. When one or more of these unidentifiable qualities are lacking there can be no Beethoven or Somerset Maugham; still, a rapper may happen or a writer of a bestselling murder-mystery. When most of these qualities, necessary to succeed in a particular field are lacking, there can be no success made in that field. Yet, any one individual can discover his/her Talent and succeed in a field harmonious with the Talent


Every talent is purely individual. Every original (as opposite to inherited) great wealth has been created with a unique individual Talent, even like song Hotel California was created with a unique Talent or Gone with the Wind and The Razor’s Edge were written by the people of great Talent. Talent cannot be acquired like skill, for Talent is inborn and indefinable.


When one attempts to be successful in any field without having a Talent, he’s bound for a life of frustration. Mislead by teachers, “success books” and media, millions are wasting their time. When it comes to wealth, the American Dream is but a hoax that teaches success without considering a Talent. A huge “success industry” has been built upon this ruse. Even though, there is no intention here to mislead; it is an erroneous conviction, a cultural belief that the art of wealth building can be taught and learned.


The above is pertinent not only to wealth building but to any field of activity. Practically anyone may acquire any skill, but in order to become successful (as opposite to being just mediocre) one must select a vocation harmonious to his/her Talent. For example President Bush Jr. has no Talent in leadership and as a commander in chief, yet he was promoted to the White House. The result was disastrous. This happens to many people who have chosen their vocation which is not harmonious with their Talent.  


It’s the same with wealth. To be in a right place in a right time, to be able to sense and exercise right opportunities, as well as to create opportunities, are but qualities of the Talent. Is it possible to develop these qualities? When a full set of the unique qualities is in place Bill Gates and Warren Buffett happen. When some of these qualities are missing or not harmonious, there comes Sean Hyman who claims discovering a wealth Code in the Bible.


Sean is a former priest, which makes his discovery sound quite appropriate to many people, also because the Bible holds so many a riddle. After his discovery of the Code Sean left priesthood, created a small fortune and became a financial adviser. He doesn’t teach the Code even to his mother and father; he himself makes money for them. He says he makes enough money to cover his modest needs as well as to give away every year $50,000, which is a sign of compassion.


Sean has over 100,000 clients and, yes, following his advice, a few of them, indeed, have been able to make some money, but not consistently, not like Sean.  This success of the few can be called a happy accident, a chance or luck, for if these lucky few persons were having Talent at creating wealth, they would have become rich on their own. The rest of 100,000 clients are still studying Sean’s reports. So far Sean didn’t explain the Code to his clients, but he mails them a weekly report – an advice, he claims, is based upon the Code.


The truth is that Sean is making money because he has Talent at making money. In Sean’s example it’s a small talent that does it. Between Warren Buffett and Sean Hyman there is a great variety of people who have a different degree of the Talent enabling them to create a different size fortunes. Yet, whether it’s small like Sean’s, grand like Warren’s or supreme like Andrew’s, there must always be a Talent in order to create wealth. No code, book or financial adviser of any kind will help to create wealth if one has no Talent. I’m sure that from Napoleon Hill to Sean Hyman, success reports and books’ writers and teachers of all kinds mean good to their readers and clients. Unfortunately, to the multitudes of wealth seekers it helps little if at all.


Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, J. P. Morgan and any other person who rose from rags to riches were born with a Talent. It is impossible to develop it, as it is an intuitive gift, a mystery that causes success in any field.


Even like a great actor, composer or designer, a brilliant artist or a great scientist, creator of wealth must have Talent, which distinguishes him from many others who are trying to create wealth and fail because of lack of the Talent. Talent not luck makes all the difference between a successful wealth creator and all others. In this respect it’s not luck but inexplicable Talent that does it.


A common understanding of Talent is an aptitude or a component of a competency to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. It is also believed that Talent is developed knowledge, understanding, learned or acquired abilities (skills) or attitude. However, like it is with explanation of Love and Happiness, Talent is neither understood nor defined.


Thus Talent is playing a major role in creating every success. Love, imagination and Talent together play major role in creating (true) Success. Because Talent is indefinable neither success nor Success has rules that one can go buy to become successful. Yet, Love will reveal to you your Talent and will guarantee a (true) Success in any field harmonious with your Talent. Being led by Love you’ll catch two birds: Happiness and Success.


Theoretically, everyone may achieve success. Yet, success that is achieved in any field without Talent can only be a mediocre success that would also require a greater effort, as well as it will be riddled with more problems and disappointments than success created with Talent. Another point in favor of the Talent is that only success created with Talent can be as big as Andrew Carnegie’s, even bigger. When Love is present, Happiness is also present and Success of any size and in any field will be smooth and fulfilling.


Freedom or enlightenment is another example. Theoretically every human being can be free. In reality only one in a million of seekers attains Freedom. This tremendous difference can be explained only by the lack of Talent, which in this case is an innate composite of certain qualities of character necessary for attainment enlightenment. Some of these qualities are of common knowledge, others are still a mystery.


Nevertheless, there is Love that everyone possesses and can realize. Certain qualities of the character are necessary here as well, but these are much easier to develop once an irrevocable decision is made to realize Love. 


Mozart was writing symphonies since he was five years old, which makes it obvious that Talent cannot be learned, thus, it cannot be emulated. No mater how hard one would try, without having the same Talent he won’t be able to reach supremacy of Mozart. Is it ever possible to have the same as someone else’s Talent? When one is determined to be a composer and would diligently learn all he can, but he has no Talent, the result will always be a mediocre even bad composer. It is the same with any other occupation, arts, education, government or business that was created without a corresponding Talent, only a number of failures here is incomparably greater.


Mediocrity is in abundance, Talent is rare. This doesn’t happen because of a lack of Talents, for everyone is gifted with one. It is inability to discover it and then make use of it.  There is a story of the president of “an island of refugees in a world of crazy people” – José Mujica, president of Uruguay. After you read this true story, ask yourself: Is there any other president in whole world, who would be nearly as honest and open and truly happy as Mujica, who is the only President in possession of the necessary Talent?  You may find this story in The Guardian database online.


When I came to Los Angeles, my agent convinced me to audition for a part in an independent movie. I did OK, but far from being great. Then the producer invited me to his office and asked if I really want to act. I’ve pulled myself together and said I wanted to try, but now I see I have no talent. Why, he said, you did quite well. I had to explain that during audition I felt miserable and ashamed because I saw that I was not good enough, that acting should be a joyful performance with little or no effort, that I don’t want to be yet another mediocrity. He laughed, and we had a nice chat about the Red Empire. Many years have passed, but I still remember that embarrassing experiment.


The greater is Talent, the greater is the success. “My dream was to be a writer who tells stories that make a difference in the world,” says Jeff Skoll.  “Along the way, when I got out of business school, I became the first full-time employee and the first President of a fledgling company with an online auction service called AuctionWeb. That company later became better known by its corporate name, eBay. When the company went public in 1998, all of a sudden I went from being in debt and living in a house with five roommates, to having hundreds of millions of dollars in the value of my eBay shares.” Was it Jeff’s luck that brought him to AuctionWeb? It was his intuition that “saw” a right opportunity and led Jeff to exercise it.


EBay Chairman Pierre Omidyar launched First Look Media in late 2013 with the aim of presenting new forms of independent journalism. With a promised $250 million from Omidyar, First Look launched its first digital magazine, The Intercept, in February 2014 with work from investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald. The Intercept is rigorously defending freedom of journalism. As members of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett's Giving Pledge (The Giving People), Omidyar and his wife Pam have donated to the fight against human trafficking, including $115 million to their Humanity United foundation, which funds 85 antislavery nonprofits as well as projects in five countries, including their first in Nepal.


Would Pierre be able to create a great wealth of over $7 billion without having a Talent? What made Pierre pledge a major share of his assets to charitable causes if not Love?


Intuition is the voice of Love. When Love is realized we begin to live by intuition. One who realized Love rarely makes mistakes providing that he or she is acting in harmony with their Talent. When a talented designer decides to become a film director – a profession where he has no Talent – he will either make mediocre movies or fail altogether.


The only way to find out before hand and aside from trying, for example, whether you have a Talent to create wealth is to first realize Love which will let you know, without a doubt, if you have it. If you don’t have it, Love will lead you to discovery of the Talent you have. Move then on, guided by Love and in harmony with your talent to create your live of Happiness and Success.  



The Law of Happiness and Success



When several decades ago I experienced an out-of-body projection it set me on spiritual path of meditation, yoga and study of religions. I clearly defined my fundamental purpose: Freedom.


However, I was also making a living and had material goals to attain. This combination of the material path and spiritual often made me contemplate material success, causing an inquiry to subtly reside in the back of my mind: is there a rule that can be learned and applied, that will allow one to harness material success without losing their spiritual goal of Freedom? Like most people, I tended to believe that material success is measured with money and desire for money thwarts inner growth. Yet, in my heart I was convinced that there must be something like a formula of true success, and kept searching for it.


It happened during the production of the Russian-American Investment Symposium when I felt for the first time that I had stumbled on something real. I felt close, yet I couldn’t define The Formula of True Success. It was only when I’ve “discovered” Andrew Carnegie that I felt I have found it.


Andrew Carnegie helped me to realize that only with Love can one grow truly happy and thrive at the same time, when Success is created with the purpose to benefit people as well as to provide modestly for one’s dependants and oneself. If Lester Levenson is a perfect example of how one can realize Love and find Happiness, Andrew Carnegie is an enlightening example of how Love can harmonize Happiness and wealth. Thus, I bow to Andrew Carnegie with gratitude for the supreme gift of knowledge and imagination through which everyone may ascend into life of Happiness and Success, regardless of Success’ size.


When it comes to Success, which means Love, Happiness plus material success, success books are misleading. They mention the word “happiness”, but haven’t defined it. The concept of Love is entirely absent in these books, as well as meaning of compassion, loving kindness, acceptance and understanding. Yet, these exact qualities made Andrew Carnegie’s Success as well as Success of The Giving People so different from all others. Looking at those who have risen from rags to riches, it appears that the absence of Love creates individuals apathetic of their poorer brethren, people who actually helped them to wealth.


When there is no Love, there is no law of success; neither are there rules that help to create success. If there were rules anyone would be able to create wealth. The Law of success, which is taught to eager crowds, is a hoax created in a dreamland unaware. It’s a dead-end road for two reasons: first, it disregards Talent that plays a fundamental role in creating wealth, as well as in creating success in any other field of life; secondly and paradoxically – because Talent cannot be taught. Blinded by desire people believe that studying and closely following examples of those who have risen from rags to riches, they would become as successful… and fail.


Those who have risen from rags to riches themselves were never able to explain how they did it. Volumes have been written on the subject of how to become rich. However, there are only examples in these books, but no explanation of mechanics of the process and no method because there is none. There are only hints, some common qualities of the character, etc., which means nothing, because one unique thought makes a great deal of difference.


In 1976 I was filming on St. Croix, Virgin Islands. On Friday evening hungry and tired after twelve hour shooting day we stopped at a small café set on top of the cliff high above the sea. The whole structure seems to be floating as the only transparent sheets of light plastic curtains separated a cozy mahogany café interior from the darkening blue Caribbean leisurely reflecting crimson splashes of the setting sun.


Suddenly, there was a sound, a song… and the feelings it evoked were incredible. I think I have never felt anything like that before… nostalgia, a little sadness with a little warmth were intertwining with love and joy, and some great unknown energy… altogether inexplicably pleasant and serene. The song was Hotel California. It’s just has taken on its triumphant conquest of the world.


Recently I stumbled upon the blog and got curious with hundreds of fans arguing over the song’s meaning.


Is it possible to define the meaning of the Sunset reflecting memories of the dying day in the forever rising and falling waves of the ocean?


In 2008 Don Felder described the origins of the lyrics: “Don Henley and Glenn wrote most of the words. All of us kind of drove into L.A. at night. Nobody was from California, and if you drive into L.A. at night... you can just see this glow on the horizon of lights, and the images that start running through your head of Hollywood and all the dreams that you have, and so it was kind of about that...”


“… kind of about that.” Even a song’s writer can’t define its meaning because… there is no meaning. At the same time everyone who is listening to the song creates his or her own meaning. There are as many meanings as there are listeners, which mean… no one meaning that can be defined. Then what is there if there is no meaning? Hints, beats of memories and feelings, reflections and associations that are not clearly defined… which altogether creates a very special mood, a very individual mood to each of us, corresponding with our vision and imagination….


That’s Talent! And there are no definitions. The song is a stroke of genius. No one can describe this stroke, except… critics. And a song critic is but a failed songwriter. It’s the same with success coaches who are teaching success based on achievements of fortune creators. A fortune builder creates with his Talent a unique song called Fortune and no one can explain how he did it, even the creator himself. This is why many of The Giving People use words like “luck”, “genes” and “being born to loving parents”.


Says Warren Buffett: “My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest. Both my children and I won what I call the ovarian lottery. (For starters, the odds against my 1930 birth taking place in the U.S. were at least 30 to 1. My being male and white also removed huge obstacles that a majority of Americans then faced.) My luck was accentuated by my living in a market system that sometimes produces distorted results, though overall it serves our country well.”


Says Dr. Mo Ibrahim: “I was lucky to have the opportunity to further my education in the UK, develop my skills and ride that magical technology elevator to financial success. It is tempting to claim that my material success was due to my hard work, intelligence or even genius. To be honest I don’t think that I am much smarter or hardworking than my childhood friends and schoolmates.”


Says George B. Kaiser: “I suppose I arrived at my charitable commitment largely through guilt. I recognized early on, that my good fortune was not due to superior personal character or initiative so much as it was to dumb luck. I was blessed to be born in an advanced society with caring parents. So, I had the advantage of both genetics (winning the “ovarian lottery”) and upbringing.”


A never known secret lies in uniqueness of an individual emotional-thinking process, in intensity of related thoughts, in a matchless thought pattern as it is applied to a particular business, in ability to influence and organize co-operation of the participants, in timing and circumstances of that time, in ability to sense a right opportunity, as well as in many other unknowns, which altogether define Talent that is impossible to describe, never mind – recreate. The world’s changing every instance and there can be no two sets of the same circumstances or persons separated in time, except for the illusion of similarity created by the mind.


However, when it comes to law, Love makes all the difference as it transforms a mythical law of success into a powerful The Law of Happiness and Success which is the law of Love. This law is true and it can be learned and employed.


“Nearly twenty years ago,” writes Napoleon Hill in his Law of success, “I interviewed Mr. Carnegie for the purpose of writing a story about him. During the interview I asked him to what he attributed his success. With a merry little twinkle in his eyes he said: "Young man, before I answer your question will you please define your term 'success'?"


“After waiting until he saw that I was somewhat embarrassed by his request he continued: "By success you have reference to my money, have you not?" I assured him that money was the term by which most people measured success, and he then said: "Oh, well if you wish to know how I got my money - if that is what you call success - I will answer your question by saying that we have a master mind here in our business, and that mind is made up of more than a score of men who constitute my personal staff of superintendents and managers and accountants and chemists and other necessary types. No one person in this group is the master mind of which I speak, but the sum total of the minds in the group, coordinated, organized and directed to a definite end in a spirit of harmonious co-operation is the power that got my money for me.”  


If you paid attention to the above, you would surely noticed Carnegie’s question “By success you have reference to my money, have you not?” This question should have led Hill to ask Carnegie what he, Carnegie, meant by success, but Hill didn’t ask the most important of all questions.


All teachers fell into this cultural trap that made them fall short of recognizing (in addition to Talent) Love’s major role in a (true) Success, which means Happiness plus material success. Society’s created wrong believe of success meaning money, and money meaning Happiness. It is fun to listen to success experts explaining how an income threshold relates to our happiness, it is also quite depressing when such ignorance is displayed in a “supposed to be” sophisticated magazine:


Happiness is directly related to how much money we make. We’ve known that for a while. And, Previous studies have found, writes Times’ reporter, that $75,000 is the earnings tipping point in terms of happiness: Anything above that mark has no long-term effect on happiness, but each dollar below the $75,000 figure decreases happiness. Shouldn’t word satisfaction be used here instead of happiness?


All so-called civilized societies are devoid of Love and without Love people cannot understand what Happiness is. Consequently, they fail to recognize that true Success cannot happen without Love. Religion and resistance are the main reasons of such an unaware attitude towards Love and Happiness.


Right knowledge also includes knowledge of Love’s capability at improving human life, as well as Love being a very powerful “tool” used in solving social problems. Yet, regulated by the government whether in the US, Russia or China, educational system doesn’t teach a supreme role of Love in creating a life of Happiness, despite of the right knowledge being freely available.  For the reason that society doesn’t consider Love and Happiness, it doesn’t know what true Success is.


This is also why The Giving People movement is not yet large. Nevertheless, The Giving People is the most powerful demonstration of the humanity’s inner growth and The Law of Happiness and Success.


Humanity’s life means each person lives in his own dreamland. Combined, these dreamlands form an incredible mosaic of the humanity’s dreamland or subconscious field. Another reason for an individual subconscious to be purged of negativity by transforming the past into Love is to purify the mind of its illusory dreaming, where reality is perceived through a prism of the often negative conditioning.


Andrew Carnegie was a unique example. Today, it is mirrored by The Giving People. Even like Carnegie most of them were brought up by caring parents who taught them integrity and value of giving that enabled them to live in the land of reality. Today it is the most wonderful example of right knowledge acquired with mother’s milk.


All things are perfectly resolved in Pure mind, which is accessible only by those who are free. Yet, gracious nature has not been sparing with her gifts: it gifted every human being with Love – an extension of the Pure mind in human world, and endowed it with the same ability to rightly resolve all things. The more loving the mind is, the more appropriate are your decisions, the sooner you discover your talent and define your life’s fundamental purpose that is harmonious with your innate abilities. Every one of The Giving People demonstrates this truth.


Do you realize that Love alone can bring Happiness without your developing fundamental qualities of the character necessary for Success? It can do that because being our essence, Love is awakened – “enabling” fundamental qualities of the character necessary to insure your particular Success. Yet, the loving mind, irrevocable decision to create a life of Happiness, persistence, determination and unshakable faith in Love are still the necessary qualities required to develop in order to transform your past and allow Love to become your leader.


If you choose not to transform your past into Love you might still guess/decide on your definite purpose, develop your fundamental qualities of the character and become materially successful by chance, but you will not know Happiness. Your relationships will suffer and you will suffer. You will remain unfulfilled no matter how wealthy or famous you become, for this is the destiny of all achievers who lack Love.


When one doesn’t know about Love, it is surely better to live the life of the rich, rather than experience the misery of being poor. But even having this kind of choice what chance do you have to become rich? You may waste your life pursuing wealth…. When you read The Giving Peoples pledges, you will be surprised to learn that for many of them, wealth happened unexpectedly, as a great shock. Yet, when you realize Love and employ Love’s little secret you will enjoy a life of Happiness regardless of whether you’d create a great wealth or modest means.


As it was in Carnegie’s life, Love must come first in order to insure for success to be whole – a true Success. You may be a plumber, and live life of Happiness, which will be incomparably more beneficial then life of J. P. Morgan, for nothing matters more to the person himself than Happiness, which is an inner state of serenity and Love, dependent on nothing in the outside world.


With Love like Carnegie, Mujica and Lester’s you will be rewarded with Happiness – the most precious of all life’s gifts. We learn the value of Love along with our purpose expressed in what we can do best that will benefit others and ourselves. When led by Love our choice is always right.


The Law of Happiness and Success is the law of Love; it is simple to grasp: be led by Love, discover and employ your talent and find Happiness and Success. Andrew Carnegie lived by this law, and so can you. The essence of the law is made of blend of Love, talent and imagination. The key to this secret is Love. When guided by Love you’ll surely discover your talent and choose your occupation accordingly, which will guarantee your material success to be a natural part of your life of Happiness. Whether you’d become an artist, a doctor, a farmer, President of the country or creator of wealth you’ll enjoy a life of Happiness and Success


Without Love’s guidance the process of creation becomes guessing and your business may fail. Lack of Love will surely fail your life, for Happiness is purpose of everyone’s life.


             The worldly hope men put their hearts upon

             Turns ashes or it prospers and anon,

              Like snow on dusty desert’s face

              Lasting a little hour or two… is gone


                                                  Omar Khayyam


Almost a thousand years past Omar Khayyam thus has described destiny of the “successful” who knew no Love. There is no law, rules or key to material success devoid of Love, for when there is no Love, the American Dream becomes exclusively a matter of a rare chance, an accident.


There are only a few risers from rags to riches because talent to create great wealth is as rare as any other great talent. Not being guided by Love they experienced much suffering, many troubles, were using great effort. They mercilessly exploited others and ended life with no Happiness. Every “captain of industry” went through this mill. This is what makes people believe that suffering is a necessary part of success. Wrong! Suffering is inevitable only in the absence of Love. Carnegie’s life is best proven in a great rise from rags to riches into an unparalleled success that was created naturally, honestly, with no suffering.


When it is abided, The Law of Happiness and Success will guarantee Happiness, regardless of the size of income, which may be not so easy for some people to grasp. Every talent is different. When Love and talent dictates you to become a teacher, so be it. With Love you’ll be a great teacher and will live a life of Happiness and Success. Your Success will be expressed not in fulfillment resulting from making millions, but in fulfillment brought by being a wonderful teacher. So many talents are wasted because culturally induced importance of making more money is so deeply engraved in people’s minds. Yet, as you step back and pause… the meaning of the law will become obvious to you.


Each of us is born with a different set of basic tendencies, veiled talent and a potential for a successful life of Happiness. These tendencies hint to a kind of talent we have and what vacation would be in a best accord with this talent. Today, neither parents nor teachers are yet able to reveal this set of tendencies in a child. Rarely, and usually accidentally this discovery is made and even less often the child’s talent is helped to be fully developed. This is the reason why there are so many people unhappy with what they do in life. However, when a child is brought up with Love he would have incomparably better opportunity himself to discover his talent and create a life of Happiness and Success.


Some US lawmakers often try to derail social proposals for helping the American poor. They argue that in America everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. This is only partially true. Black people and Hispanics have less of an opportunity to succeed as prejudgment and racism are still plugging our society. An unhappy childhood, poverty, lack of right knowledge and many other reasons deny many of an equal opportunity, rendering them unable to succeed even when trying. A distorted vision of an equal opportunity is caused by a lack of Love, many times resulting in poverty.


Through right knowledge people enter into the realization of the outright importance of Love, an incomparable benefit of Love’s guidance, and they will not fail to create their life of Happiness.


Love is the answer. Transformation



Ah, Love! Could thou and I with faith conspire

To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,

Would not we shutter it to bits, and then

Re-mould it nearer to the heart’s desire.


                                               Omar Khayyam



Love is inexplicably wonderful state of being. Is there any other feeling, anything that may be comparable to Love? Just imagine yourself all the time experiencing only Love, amazing shades of Love….


After years of meditation and studying, after meeting Larry Crane and Lester, I still felt that I was missing out on something important. That subtle feeling made me search to understand what it was that I was missing. I realized that there is a reality that can be understood, it is possible to sense, to feel and it can be lived in this dream-land, but this reality has somehow eluded me… Love.


Love is just another feeling, I thought, and then all at once I realized that it is an unusual feeling, that Love is the radiance of Pure mind, the extension of Pure mind in the human world. This unusual, mysterious feeling, inexplicable as Pure mind, brings Happiness and transforms the human being into a Human Being. True Love is the only state of Freedom that can be experienced in our dream world. This was an incredible discovery.


Lester’s way to Freedom was Love. I saw how he found Happiness and Freedom with Love. During his incredibly short travel to Freedom, all Lester did, was converting the negativity of his entire past into Love. His personal way to Happiness, was Love.


There was never a true saint who was not a loving person. Every free one eventually surrendered his ego to Love. Regardless of their chosen path, every one of them became free by realizing Love. Here, also came a question that had resided in the back of my mind for a long time: How had the seekers of the past realized Love and went free when having their confidence in religious gods that didn’t exist? Their confidence is the key.


It makes no difference what one chooses to put his confidence in. The strength of the confidence makes all the difference because strength of the confidence enables one to transcend ego. It may be a symbol of God, Life, Pure mind, or Universe. Symbols do not make any difference since symbols are principles and principles are dead. The ego cannot be transcended with a dead principle or symbol. It can only be done with a total confidence in symbols, a confidence that is stronger and more intense than our life-long confidence in ego/mind.


An unshakable confidence in a crocodile, a tree or your own Self will do the same job as an unshakable confidence in God or deity. Religion wants people to rely on outside means, but every human imperfection is superficial and may be corrected by the person himself.  It is insane to transfer your innate ability to command your life to a bone or some other entity. Philipus Paracelsus, a famous Swiss alchemist and physician, who lived in 14 century, was a great healer in his day. 


He stated what is now an obvious scientific fact: “Whether the object of your faith be real or false, you will nevertheless obtain the same effects.  Thus, if I believed in Saint Peter’s stature as I should have believed in Saint Peter himself, I should obtain the same effects as I should have obtained from Saint Peter. But that is superstition. Faith, however, produces miracles; and whether it is true or false faith, it will always produce the same wonders.” 


He also said: “We can easily conceive the marvelous effects which confidence and imagination can produce, particularly when both qualities are reciprocated between the subjects and the person who influences them.  The cures attributed to the influence of certain relics are the effects of their imagination and confidence.  Quacks and philosophers know that if the bones of any skeleton were put in place of the saint’s bones, the sick would none the less experience beneficial effects, if they believed that they were veritable relics.”


Your confidence in Love is your best aid also because Love is not a symbol. Love is a finest part of you – your own Self and the most potent force in human world.


When we transform our past into Love ego dissolves because this ephemeral ego feeds on negativity. The mind becomes obedient and Love intuitively lights our way, while Life provides us with everything that is needed. The ego will never believe it and will build barriers of resistance and desires in your path. Yet, as you transform negativity into Love you will be more often led by Love, effortlessly dissolving the illusion of ego together with its resistance. The more we are cleansed of negativity the sooner we fly, as we drop the heaviest load of all, the ego.


You can have, be, and do whatever you will or desire, says Lester.

The only thing stopping you is the accumulation of negative thoughts and feelings which you are subconsciously holding.

Remove these, and you remove the blocks to your accomplishing whatever you wish in life.

Remove these, and you will find love, happiness, and joy beyond your wildest dreams.

Remove these, and you are Free.


This is what Lester meant by Releasing: releasing of the accumulation of negative thoughts and feelings which you are subconsciously holding. Not releasing technique, but transformation of subconscious negativity into Love – a supreme releasing process – will enable you to have, be, and do whatever you will or desire because it will elevate you into realm of Love and enable The Law of Happiness and Success.


There is nothing that can be done without the mind. If you wish to go beyond the limitations of your mind, you must start with making your limited mind your best friend. Lester’s mind was already his best friend. However, when oblivious to his dire conditioning, Lester started his search, for 30 days his mind was not able to find the answers. Nevertheless, his mind brought him to a threshold, from where answers had become possible.


How did it happen?


When, at 43, Lester had a deadly heart attack, and was able to recover, he was told by the doctor that he may drop dead at any time. Facing his dire condition, Lester made a decision: to find the answers to his questions: What is life? What is it about? Is there a reason for my being here in this world, and if so, what is it? or to take his life. He started with reading books, but within four days of his search, it hit him that if the answers could be found somewhere in an outside source, he surely would have found them long ago, since these questions had plagued him all his life. Suddenly, he saw it: the problems lie within him, therefore the answers must also be within him. From that time on, his search became very intense.


At the end of the first month he stumbled upon something very important, probably the most important question in his life: What is Happiness? Within several days of intense trial and error Lester had his answer: Happiness is when I’m loving the other one, which means Happiness is a feeling within me. If that’s so, he thought, even if I cannot change my unhappy past, I could change how I felt about one situation or another.  I could change it to Love, which equals Happiness. That was an incredible realization! It made him feel certain he was now in the driver’s seat, because he could now change to Love whatever non-loving feeling he had felt in the past. Synonymous

Happiness is synonymous with Love and is beyond common sense, it is beyond logic, beyond limited mind. Yet, all of this helps us to Happiness. If you read the above attentively, you will see that Lester was using logic, reason, and common sense; he was intensely using his mind. But each of us is using logic when we are trying to figure things out, and we are getting nowhere. Why Lester? It was Lester’s extreme intensity that did it. Lester’s intensity of the search was extreme! He had no distractions; he was no longer concerned with his illness, even death. Such an incredibly intense search gave Lester some logical answers. It had also exhausted his emotional thinking process.


When Lester’s mind fell quiet, Lester was able to hear because the more extreme the intensity, the sooner mind falls quiet and the higher becomes the probability of receiving an intuitive answer. Isolation creates a kind of spiritual spa and is as important as intensity, because it filters out all distractions and crystallizes the transformation process.


Why would, following their hearts, people isolate themselves in deserts, in forests? They had no methods, but intuitively they knew that isolation would help them find God. Really, they were looking for a Happiness and peace, which they thought they would receive from God. Like Lester, who was looking for Happiness, they also were looking for Happiness. Indeed, they felt that the present cannot be properly understood without exploring the past. They didn’t have a method that you have and can practice here and now. There is no use in emulating those who gave you this method; you must find your own individual approach and adjust the method to be harmonious with you. Lester didn’t emulate anyone; he was searching in the dark, but he stumbled upon Love that enabled him find Happiness.


Here is a quote from a reader on isolation: “If I gain more understanding through Loving and the process of thoughts and feelings, observing it is fine. If not, I am not willing to isolate myself from this world, from the people I love. Choosing isolation doesn’t feel right to me. It is not something I need, not something I want. It would require an effort, but Happiness is an effortless way of living.”


It is true that Happiness is an effortless way of living, but path to Happiness will require effort, unless you realize from the start how to be in the flow. It is an obvious misunderstanding of isolation. Lester was isolated for only three months “from this world and people he loved” and that allowed him an extreme concentration. It is matter of knowledge and then – choice. If you are not able to isolate, keep transforming your past into Love. Depending on your determination, intensity and other elements, it may take you longer to realize Love, but it will happen, it’s just cannot be other way around. 


At the same time Lester realized that he was responsible for everything that happened to him, because it all happened as result of his haphazard emotional-thinking process. All these realizations resulted from the process of logical trial and error and brought Lester to the most important step that could have been received intuitively:


His entire life came up for a review as he decided to transform to Love his entire past. One by one, he changed to Love all past hurts and disappointments.


Discovering that my Happiness equated to my loving, and that my thinking was the cause of things happening to me in my life gave me more and more freedom; freedom from the subconscious compulsions that I had to work, I had to make money, I had to have girlfriends. Freedom in the feeling that I was now able to determine my destiny, I was now able to control my world, lightened my internal burden so strongly that I felt there was no need for me to have to do anything. Plus, this Happiness was so great. It was a new experience for me. I was experiencing a joy that I never knew existed, never dreamed could be. So I decided, “This is so great, I'm not going to stop until I carry it all the way.” I had no idea how far it could go. I had no idea how joyous a person could be. But I was determined to find out.



In Lester’s example, the uniqueness lies in his irrevocable decision, perseverance and extreme intensity, all of which had become possible when Lester isolated himself. All of these put Lester on the supreme path of Love. It enabled him to change his entire past to Love in such a short period of time. It was Love that set Lester free.


When I mixed with people, and again and again when they would do things that I didn't like and within me was a feeling of non-Love, I would immediately change that attitude to one of loving. Eventually I got to a point where, no matter how much I was opposed, I could feel only Love.


Love is the answer. As Lester was converting his past into Love, he also shed his desires. When we reach certain point in the process of converting negativity to Love… when we realize that negativity is an illusion, but Love is real, that Love is the most beneficial and most powerful force in human world, we simply let Love shine and evaporate every bit of negativity, and every desire that is not rooted in true Love.


Lester was pushed with his back against the wall. He was under the gun: he was very sick, nearly dead, but he didn’t try to heal his body. This is very important to understand. He made an Irrevocable Decision to Isolate himself and find the answers, and he persevered with an extreme Intensity. Lester found Happiness.


It is necessary to seek it out when you feel truly happy as a result of your own experience because only your own experience can become a turning point on the path. It is crucial to go back into your past and transform it into Love in your own unique way. Lester has employed the acts of Irrevocable Decision, Isolation, Logic, Perseverance and extreme Intensity. You must prove it to yourself. Only this unique personal experience will bring you to realization Love.


Lester paid no attention to his body; he started healing his mind, doing nothing to heal his body.  Yet, as his mind was being healed with Love his body also healed, as if by its own force.


I began to feel stronger as the weight of my pain dropped away. I was happier than I had ever been before, and I kept it going….


During these three months, Lester didn’t try to accomplish any other goals. He didn’t try to get more money, a new car, a new house, or improve some relationship…. And he received a greater reward: 43 years of Freedom – Love, Happiness and good health. Lester always emphasized the necessity to start with healing our minds. He clearly showed that in order to heal the body we need first to heal mind; Lester did it with Love. What can be more logical?


Anyone can prove to himself that Love is the answer, the most important ingredient on the path that leads one from a dreamland of suffering to a life of Happiness. Giving yourself plenty of approval as often as possible is a wonderful way that will surely help you to start falling in love with yourself.


For Happiness we move within. Any other goal sidetracks us by taking into an opposite direction: without. In that, we are making our choice: Happiness, and nothing else. As to your goal of Happiness and Success, it will benefit you tenfold when you first will find Happiness because Love will become your guide and you will swiftly accomplish a “Success” part of your goal.


A supreme path of Love did wonders for me. Annoyance, irritation, anger… these are our very own habits with long roots hiding deep in the darkness of the subconscious past.

“It’s one of the great lessons of life,” says Wayne Dyer, “What comes out when life squeezes you? When someone hurts or offends you? If anger, pain and fear come out of you, it’s because that’s what’s inside. It doesn’t matter who does the squeezing – your mother, your father, your children, your boss, the government. If someone says something about you that you don’t like, what’s comes out of you is what’s inside. And what’s inside is up to you, it’s your choice.


“If someone puts pressure on you and out comes anything other than love, it’s because that’s what you’ve allowed to have inside. Once you take away all these negative things you don’t want in your life and replace them with love, you’ll find yourself living a highly functional life.”


There are numberless triggers of irritation within and all around you and there are many hidden reasons. We may try hard convincing ourselves not to be irritable, we may use affirmations, releasing…. These are helpful but temporary measures. Irritation will still persist because it is nearly impossible to pinpoint its deeply buried cause. Only when your past is transformed into Love there will be no more irritation and a trigger, any trigger will become powerless.


Saying this I must add that affirmation is also a powerful aid to watching your mind and transformation. There is no better example of affirmation than John D. Rockefeller’s “I am bound to be rich!” and “I am bound to live 100 years!” Despite ailing during a first half of his life Rockefeller fulfilled both of his wishes. Affirmation also helps to stop mind’s wondering and day dreaming.


Ida M. Tarbell, a contemporary of J. D. Rockefeller, writes in his essay John D. Rockefeller, a Character Study: “Mr. Rockefeller is the victim of a money-passion which blinds him to every other consideration in life, which is stronger than his sense of justice, his humanity, his affections, his joy in life, which is the one tyrannous, insatiable force of his being. “Money-mad, money-mad! Sane in every other way, but money-mad,” was the late Senator Hanna's comment on John D. Rockefeller. And the late Senator Hanna could not be accused of holding money in light regard.”


This money-passion helped J. D. R. to a great wealth. There’re two major points to consider: an unprecedented obsession with money as well as an unparalleled determination. It’s most likely that John’s made Spontaneous Irrevocable Decision to be rich in his early childhood. Yet, because there was no Love, John didn’t find Happiness. His way to wealth was not always ethical as he’s ruthlessly ruined many lives while pursuing his goal.


Now let’s take a look at Andrew Carnegie, who created nearly the same wealth as John’s. The two major points here are different: Andrew also had an unprecedented obsession, but his obsession was with getting his family out of near poverty. He also had an unparalleled determination to achieve his purpose and he made Spontaneous Irrevocable decision in his early childhood to make $300 a year that at the time was sufficient to provide for all family needs. What makes such a great difference between these two businessmen is possession of Love. It was Love that made Cárnegie to do good and only good. Above all, Love brought Carnegie Happiness.


Mind resists, because it is much more interested in running, in doing, in blabbering: what did I accomplish today?! More than often this actually means: What useless activity was I engaged in? Mind wants action, no matter what it is, it craves entertainment: just another form of action. The uneducated mind is not interested in transforming past disappointments into Love. It loves to talk about Love, it loves to read about love…. We may spend life collecting information about Love in scriptures, teachings and novels. We may become an encyclopedia of Love, but we won’t know Love. Mind will know everything about Love and will even think that it loves with true Love, but something will happen, and at once mind will forget about Love… irritation will happen, anger will happen.


The uneducated, limited mind believes it knows better about when and how to react. You were taught how to deal with someone who is not acting the way you want him to act or when you are deprived of something you believe you deserve and you habitually justify irritation.


Mind loves to talk about the past; it loves to think about past success, memorable vacations and other happy moments. But hurts and frustrations… mind doesn’t want to think about past sorrows, it wants to forget it, and mind is successful in forgetting and entombing it deep inside. Oh no! Not again! Immediately the Resistance program is on, Love is off. 


When transforming negativity into Love, from your earliest childhood, one by one, bring to the light of the present each memory of distant events hidden in the past and perform the magic of transforming into Love your hurts, disappointments, insults and sorrows. You will soon notice how this process will begin to change your thoughts, and your attitudes, your moods, your behavior. You will come to appreciate this gift, and will encourage your mind to continue until transformation is completed.


You may use pictures or list of memories, events, starting from the time you remember yourself. Family albums may be used. Or you may simply retrospect on your past. Make a decision, but do not hurry and you will find what kind of aid you feel comfortable with.


Among other tools I used comparison. I compared negativity to a mirage in a desert. In a desert, the mirage produces an incredible display of images. If we don’t recognize the mirage as an illusion, we fall under its spell, and these ever changing ephemeral images will definitely mislead us in our travel. But once we see it for what it really is, its influence evaporates, exposed to a flame of Right knowledge.


It’s the same with negativity and Love. It’s very hard to believe that negativity isn’t real. It’s hard because of our subconscious negative conditioning. When we believe negativity is real, we fall under its spell. The ever-changing non-loving feelings and thoughts will be forever real to us, and will mislead us on our journey. Only transformation of our subconscious negativity, our past into Love will make us realize that Love is real, not negativity. As soon as we realize this, negativity becomes as ephemeral as the mirage in the desert and like the mirage it loses its power over us. Transformation does it because Love is the only answer.




One of the difficulties in the process of transformation lies in our subconscious confusion of true Love with common understanding of love to mother, boyfriend, child, etc. When we are about to transform into Love a negative situation or negative feelings for someone we don’t like, immediately resistance is surging and we say something like: “She is a weather beaten scut! How could I love this person?!” This happens because our subconscious is constantly influencing our emotional thinking process. In this particular case it is confusing us into using a common meaning of love instead of Love. In the beginning a blurry border between true Love and a common meaning of love seems to exist. As you move on it will be ever easier for you to recognize your subconscious’ tricks, and boarder between true Love and love will start dissolving. You will be more living in the light of one Love that encompasses all shades of this wonderful state.


In reality there is no boarder between true Love and a common understanding of love. The boarder was created in order to make it easier for you to perform transformation and to come to love people and situations you didn’t want to love, believing that you can’t. This belief was acquired by you along with concepts of “bad” and “good”, as well as with other concepts of the “opposites” which are often not the opposites but two sides of the same coin.


In reality there is only one Love: a state of Love to which people attribute/create numberless shades. They are numberless because in every situation everyone’s mind creates its own shade of Love congruent with individual qualities of the creator. As you keep transforming your past into Love these shades disappear….


A question of how to transform negativity of the past into Love is impossible to answer because there is no direct line between mind and Love. There is no “direct line”, because Love is our nature, something everyone has to discover for her or himself. Like Truth and Peace, Love is changeless boundless supreme power of the highest good. Actually, the three are one and the same. Love is an inseparable part of ourselves, but the mind (Emotional Thinking Process (ETP) is something that is acquired by us. The mind’s ETP obscures Love, yet transforming negativity into Love can be done only with the mind’s cooperation. Unwavering decision to transform your entire past into Love will establish such co-operation. Following are some suggestions that may ease your transformation process.


You may transform negativity directly into Love or you may use one of Love’s attributes: acceptance, understanding, compassion and loving kindness. You may also use releasing to aid your transformation process.


It seems impossible to love President Bush, or someone you hate…. Here is Lester’s approach to Dr. Schulz: "The point is not whether he deserves love. The point is, can you do it? Is it possible to simply change a feeling of hatred into a feeling of love – not for the benefit of the other person but for yourself?" This is a good example of logic and common sense. Contemplate it as you begin your transformation process: there is much meaning and power to it.


Throughout entire process always keep this approach in mind: you Love not for the benefit of another person, but for your own benefit. You’ll benefit many people after your entire past was transformed into Love.  


These three powerful lines will enable you instantly transform to Love every negativity, past and present. However, when you experience difficulties, apply acceptance and understanding: is it possible to accept Bush as reality of life, with understanding that he was driven by ignorance, and feel compassionate towards this misguided person? Imagine looking into person’s eyes…. When any associated negativity comes up, let it go and let perfection or Love be, for Love is perfection... and keep remembering: you’re doing it not for the benefit of Bush but for your own benefit.


Lester’s suggestion is powerful and direct. Always try it first, because it leaves no traces of negativity associated with person or event. There are no two situations or people alike. Dr. Schulz’s was not a negative event; it was turned negative by Lester’s anger, which blinded his mind. Bush is different and much more complicated negative situation where Bush caused and keeps causing hundreds of thousands civilian deaths; many American soldiers killed and wounded; collapse of the US economy; endorsement of torture; and so on. This man is much harder to come to love than Dr. Schulz. But there is no such thing as impossible when it is a matter of your own well being. Also keep in mind this: when your entire past was transformed into Love, what is left? Love. At that point you won’t be able to experience any negative emotion, no matter what kind of person or event you’re facing.


Fear of cancer… Silently witness fear (without cancer attached to it), and transform it into Love to your body, which is perfect regardless its condition, knowing that perfection is Love. And what about that thought of cancer? Let it go and let perfection be, knowing that perfection is Love.


Fear of a dog… Transform it into Love to that stupid dog. How? Just love the dog and let all associated feeling and thoughts be transformed into Love of the dog. Remember, you’re doing it not for the benefit of the dog, but for your own benefit.


Anxiety…. Witness it, and one by one transform into Love associated negative thoughts and feelings. Do not touch Anxiety, keep witnessing it. Anxiety, apathy, depression… these states are kept alive by your supporting negative thoughts and feelings. Without this support, anxiety, apathy, depression, etc…. die.



 Momentum of Love


Obviously one cannot transform an entire 100% of the past into Love as many past events may not be remembered, especially all those “insignificant” happenings that helped to form those “insignificant” habits of irritation and annoyance. However, there is a very helpful law called Momentum of Love. This law becomes enforced at the moment when certain (unknown) amount of the past negativity have been transformed into Love. Amazingly, when we’ve earnestly transformed everything we can remember, Love “overwhelms” the unremembered part of the subconscious past and burns off the rest of the negativity, thus instantly making transformation process complete. The timing cannot be determined ahead of time as it depends on various individual factors.


Lester was also saying something like: when you release all that you can, the rest is completed on its own.  Interestingly, the same Momentum of Love is ruling enlightenment in meditation: after many a hundred hours of intense meditation, suddenly, happens Samadhi that banishes every bit of remaining negativity, all remaining concepts. It’s actually is “lifting” one totally beyond conscious and subconscious mind into an unknown, indescribable state where magic of transformation is instantly completed. The shock of enlightenment is so powerful it will “keep” one emerged in the state of Love for the rest of life.


Transformation is a creative process. As in meditation, we must learn how to be our own masters: nothing can help as to this process other than persistent practice. As it was proved by Lester transformation can be as effective as Classic meditation, and like meditation it requires discipline, intensity and diligence.


Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each instant, and the future will take care of itself. As you enjoy each present moment completely, transform to Love anything that is not that joy and you may get into the world of Love this way.


Lester’s example with Dr. Schulz is highly encouraging.

"First," he asked himself, "was I experiencing a lack of love that day?"

"Yes," he answered aloud. "Nobody gave a damn about me, not the nurses, not the orderlies, not even Dr. Schultz. They did not care. As sick as I was, they threw me out, sent me home to die so they wouldn't have to watch one of their failures. Well, the hell with them. They can all go to hell." He was shocked at the vehemence in his voice. His body trembled with rage and he felt weak. He really hated the doctor. He could feel it burning in his chest. "Oh, boy," he thought,” this sure isn't love."


"Well, can I change it?" he asked. "Is it possible to turn it into love for the doctor?"

"Hell, no," he thought, "why should I? What did he ever do to deserve any love?"

"That's not the point," he answered himself. "The point is not whether he deserves love. The point is, can you do it? Is it possible to simply change a feeling of hatred into a feeling of love – not for the benefit of the other person but for yourself?"


As the thought crossed his mind, he felt something break loose in his chest. A gentle easing, a sense of dissolving, and the burning sensation was gone. He didn't trust it at first. It seemed too easy, so he pictured again the scene with Dr. Schultz in the hospital. He was surprised to find that it brought only a mild feeling of resentment rather than the previous intense burning hatred. He wondered if he could do it again.


"Let's see," he thought, "what did I just do? Ah, yes. Can I change this feeling of resentment into a feeling of love?" He chuckled as he felt the resentment dissolve in his chest. Then it was totally gone and he was happy

"Doctor Schultz, you son-of-a-gun," he said, grinning, "I love you."


I wish to reiterate this very important key point: "The point is not whether he deserves love. The point is, can you do it? Is it possible to simply change a feeling of hatred into a feeling of love – not for the benefit of the other person but for yourself?" In the very beginning Lester discovered this deeply meaningful key to transformation. Make sure you grasp this meaning, which will help your much smoother sailing to Love.


To start with, we learn how to love others “selfishly”, for ourselves. Another person may have nothing to do with our Love as we love for our own benefit. Another person may hate us, but we would still love that person for our own benefit. Will our Love help someone we know who lives on the other side of the glob or in a nearby town? It may happen when our Love is highly intense. An intense Love will bypass another’s conscious mind clogged by unending noise of the emotional thinking process. Our state of true Love will always positively affect person in front of us.


Yet, be prepared for an adverse reaction to your Love. Some people may react with a sadden irritation, even anger. This happens because your Love may be subconsciously considered as a threat to another’s negative state, thus activating this person’s Resistance program – a defense system, protecting negativity. It may become a challenge, but it would also be another test of your Love.


Releasing is usually dealing with result, not with the cause of the emotion. It is difficult, even impossible to get down to the cause of the negative emotion because the cause may have nothing to do with a current situation. The actual cause could have been created when you were two years old. No one would be able to remember what happened at that age. Simply remembering doesn’t reach most our very early experiences because we had them before we had language. A small child would have no idea of the cause of the pain, even less so it would be able to explain it. The older we become the deeper these early negative memories are buried in the subconscious.


However, year after year, says Jack Lee Rosenberg in his book Body, Self, Soul and Sustaining Integration, the sealed-off irritant blocks the free flow of energy through the body and it may restrict the free range of feelings. The more painful the initial wound the tighter is the muscular defense and the less it is accessible. Releasing cannot reach that far, but Transformation certainly will. Our conscious effort of Transformation may not reach that deep either, but it will eradicate every remaining negative cause with the Momentum of Love.


When one is overwhelmed by jealousy or anger, though not dealing with the cause, releasing would still be effective at this very moment of the flaming emotion. Did you ever tried to release an overwhelming emotion at its peak? An impossible task. If you would be able to do it, instantly you’ll be free. But we always forget releasing when we’re under influence of the powerful negative feelings. We remember about releasing later and “later” releasing becomes not nearly as effective as at the time of rage.


Though transformation is time consuming it is much easier to perform because we are transforming into Love our past. Even not yet having witnessing experience, we can literary witness a past event, analyze it and deal with corresponding emotions almost at arms length. When these emotions arise they are usually not nearly as powerful as at the time of that distant event and are nearly not as powerful as those experienced in daily life. Thus they are much easier to release via transforming them into Love.


With transformation we also get two other benefits. Firstly we are permanently eliminating hidden causes of negative emotions. Also, with transforming negativity into Love at its core we are becoming more loving, and Love is the only key to Happiness. This is why transformation is such a powerful and beneficial method.





Ah, Love! Let’s thou and I with fate conspire

To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,

Would not we shatter it to bits – and then

Re-mould it nearer to the heart’s desire!


           Omar Khayyam


This quadrant is perfectly describing transformation of the past into Love (true Love). Oh Love, let’s thou and my mind conspire with my destiny and realize that whatever I am and my life is today resulted from my past thoughts, emotions and actions – causes of joy and suffering – that are hidden in my subconscious as memories. I am determined to destroy all causes of suffering with transformation -- to transform every negative memory into Love, so that my every decision and action will be rooted in Love. By doing this, I will change my destiny into the one of true Happiness and Success.


Unfortunately, our mind’s cultural conditioning puts obstacles in our way to Happiness and Success. The most dominant of these hindrances is our Resistance program. This program guards negativity as well as all other subconscious programs. Consequently, our mind resists/rejects anything that is not in accordance with concepts, events and circumstances accepted by us as truthful, whether they were deplorable or pleasant.


The mind’s stronghold – Resistance program can be likened to an impregnable wall. Our every experience and concept is a brick in this wall. As we live, this wall of Resistance grows thicker and higher. The Resistance program is but our past; it is so powerful because it became an integral part of our subconscious, i. e. – a part of ourselves. To break through this wall is nearly impossible. This is why most people are quickly giving up, after just a few attempts. “Don’t bother,” the mind brags, “you’re wasting your time.” Resistance is deeply imbedded and cannot be released, destroyed, dissolved or otherwise eliminated, because its causes lie in the subconscious hidden. Yet, when we transform our past into Love, the Resistance program will cease to exist, for Love doesn’t resist but rather, it understands.


In his book Thus Spake Zarathustra Friedrich Nietzsche (who was grossly misinterpreted by the Nazis and is misunderstood even today) speaks of the three human states of Camel, Lion and Child. The Camel is lazy and dull, its Resistance program is all-powerful. The next higher state is Lion. When we realize we have been missing life while idling with crowds or in front of an idiot box, we begin to move out and up in our search of truth, and we roar it. Our Resistance program is still strong, but it is weakening, as we started with the transformation process where some concepts were “removed” from the wall of resistance. Finally, when transformation process is completed, the child emerges, innocent, spontaneous and loving. 


Whatever state you are presently in, remember, it will evolve, but only when you are determined to grow into a life of true Happiness and true Success (refer to Love’s Little Secret). The “sorry scheme of things” was created by you unwarily. Now being aware, shatter your Resistance program to bits with Love, and re-mold your life into a life of your heart’s desire, for you are an all-powerful creator of your destiny.  


Indeed, true Love is threatening the mind’s supremacy. The mind is very suspicious of Love because it cannot fully understand something that is beyond its reach. The mind’s Resistance program is on and running, for until our past is transformed into Love, the mind will not embrace Love; it cannot know that it will enjoy its new position as Love’s obedient servant. So how do we transform our past into Love, so that our mind can embrace Love? The Transformation process is explained in Love’s Little Secret. Here is an additional hint: be guided by Love.


Until our past is transformed into Love, our mind will continue to dominate and make decisions often solely on its own discretion. Yet, you can ask Love for advice on every matter. 

Resistance makes it extremely hard for you to love someone you hate, but it cannot prevent you from asking Love for advice. Love’s guidance can temporarily take you beyond resistance because Love knows neither resistance nor other limitations created by the mind. Amazingly, even before you transform your past into Love and realize Love, you still can be guided by Love, at least on some occasions. Just make a decision for Love to be your guide and move on with your transformation process.


The Mind is very tricky, and it makes mistakes. Resistance is the mind’s weapon, which it uses constantly, especially when something is threatening its supremacy. Yet, all mind’s weapons are powerless against Love’s guidance. Love’s guidance will be a great help in your transformation process. Though Love is never mistaken, the mind is still in charge; it will make you doubt Love’s advice and push for the one offered by itself.  Until your past is transformed into love, you may often follow your mind’s advice. Still, it is good to have a choice and in the end, you will realize that Love was always right. When you need to make a decision, immediately, the mind will come up with suggestions. Listen to it, then relax, bring yourself into a more loving state and then ask for Love’s advice on the same matter. You will be surprised with what you get.


Appreciation and gratitude both are properties of Love. In every situation of your past, which you’re transforming into Love, and no matter how complex it is, find something or someone to be thankful to, to be appreciative of. This will surely derail your Resistance program for a little while.



Still, some other helpful points are, start small and learn how to enjoy every instant. To help deal with resistance, start small and enjoy each instant of the process, regardless of having difficulties. For example, meditation is as much a threat to the mind’s supremacy as transformation process, if not more…. As soon as I learned of meditation, I decided to start meditating with 15-minute sessions. Instantly, my Resistance program kicked in. My mind reminded me of the tasks that had to be accomplished at once, saying that I can meditate afterwards. I was about to obey, but realized that my mind simply had tricked me, for the tasks could surely wait for another 15 minutes. I sat down determined not to move a muscle for at least 15 minutes, and failed. Yet, I was able to watch my mind uninterrupted for about twenty or thirty seconds. Learning from the experience, I made my next session only three minutes long. It took me several days to accomplish this small task. Yet, in less than six months of gradually increasing sessions, I was able to meditate almost one hour.


Starting small doesn’t mean to try to love someone you presently hate. Instead, go back to your early childhood memories and start with transforming into Love your earliest hurts. Imagine yourself being guided by Love, use logic and common sense. Some negative memories are much stronger than others are. First, transform those that are easier to deal with and remember to enjoy every moment of the process.


In my meditation experience the key was not only in starting small, but also in learning how to enjoy every moment, regardless of failures. It was very hard for me to set in a meditating posture. In the beginning, it was almost a torturous experience. Yet, almost like a masochist I made myself to enjoy the posture. It helped and within a few months, the posture seized to be a problem. The enjoyment helps in many ways, including sometimes even disabling our Resistance program. It also makes your work much more effective. When you are done with transformation, you will be effortlessly enjoying every moment, but in the beginning of the process, you will often need to remind yourself of its enjoyment. Truly, why not enjoy each moment of the process that brings you to a life of Happiness and Success afterall, it is so natural to enjoy each instance of our growth, for when transformed into Love, every past situation moves you closer to your purpose.


A moment not enjoyed is moment wasted. Moments of negativity are also harmful. Life is very short no matter how many years one lives. Each instant must be enjoyed; there should be no exceptions, no excuses. This will become obvious to you at some point of your transformation process. With practice, you will become more loving, more often and naturally guided by Love, and joy will happen naturally. You will become a witness to the process. Though witnessing is impartial,  true witnessing is rooted in Love, for it is the property of Love. Your witnessing will add to your enjoyment of the transformation process.




I love this quote, attributed to Buddha, as it perfectly illustrates conditioning:


Believe not because some old manuscripts are produced, believe not because it is your national belief, believe not because you have been made to believe from your childhood, but reason truth out, and after you have analyzed it, then if you find it will do good to one and all, believe it, live up to it and help others live up to it.


Whatever concept you are about to accept, unless it is harmonious with this quote, discard it, for though indirectly, Buddha here speaks of true Love. Whatever does not measure up to this quote, it belongs to conditioning. If you are employing affirmations, unless they are rooted in Love, they are not for your benefit. When affirmation is rooted in Love, it will measure up to the above quote. You may check any of your concepts against this quote and learn that most of them need to be discarded. In the process of transformation measure up negative situations against this quote in order to understand that unless transformed into Love, it will keep hampering your journey to Happiness and Success.


This Buddha’s saying is but a poem of Love and a warning of conditioning. Every human being should read it, understand and practice it, for it is just another beautiful way leading to Happiness and Success. It is time for you to realize that you are not individuality, but a personality conditioned by the other’s philosophies, religions ideas, teachings: a ‘personality’ imposed from the outside by the society. The government runs society and it wants slaves. Transform all that external dross into Love and find your open, loving and sincere individuality.


Witnessing the mind


Our resistance to Transformation of the subconscious past into Love is quite explainable. It is both conscious and subconscious resistance to an acceptance of true Love to be our guide. The mind has been our guide for such a long time… it made us subjects to itself. The mind does not want to give up its control, for it trusts nothing but itself – its ETP – an endless monolog/dialogue with itself. Subconsciously we do not choose Love’s guidance over mind’s guidance because of our deeply ingrained habit of thinking: we love to think, but often hate our thinking process, as most people have no control over it.

Another subconscious reason was created by our life-long unconditional reliance on the mind’s guidance, as in the most people’s childhood Love was blocked – buried under piles of negativity most of which was accepted under pretense of being necessary for our survival in the dreamland. As Love is beyond all concepts, its nature is contrary to the nature of the Resistance program – a safeguard of negativity as well as of all other concepts accepted by us during our lifetime as truthful. “I do not accept things that I don’t understand,” affirms the mind.


Though most people understand that Love is important, they are not guided by Love because the mind accepts Love only on the surface and on its own condition, which is “I love this person but I hate that one.” Obviously, this is not a true Love. As Love and realization of Love is beyond mind’s conditioning and understanding, our mind can neither comprehend true Love nor realize its absolute importance for a life of true Happiness. Only when the mind becomes our educated friend, will it begin to co-operate with our decision to transform our subconscious past into Love. Yet, even when co-operating, the mind from time to time will try to subvert our Transformation process. Put, first things first: educated the mind with right knowledge and this begins with learning how to watch it. 


Become a witness to your mind. Just watch your mind without reacting to your thoughts, as if you are witnessing someone else’s mind. Consistently remind yourself to watch the mind until witnessing becomes as effortless as breathing. By this time, you will well know your mind and the gaps of quiet in between your thoughts will dramatically increase.


In the back of you mind always keep your life’s purpose of Love, Happiness and Success, and neither resistance no other limitations – nothing can stop you from achieving your purpose.


Be your own best teacher


What is life’s purpose if not true Happiness? When you make an irrevocable decision for a life of Happiness to be your purpose, also decide to become your own teacher. You are your own best teacher, and all necessary knowledge is available to you. The question is how to access it, and the answer is Love. Love is all you need in order to access the right knowledge, for Love is but secret valve that opens the flow of intuition, carrying the information you need at every given moment. This process of obtaining information may be compared with accessing World Wide Web. The difference is that information received intuitively is always correct.

For millenniums the wise of the past were affirming that everyone is his own best teacher. It’s even more so today with the necessary information freely available. Didn’t Lester tell us all that needs to be known about Love, Happiness and Freedom? Didn’t Andrew Carnegie provide us with another enlightening example of Love’s infinite power?


You have Lester, a true Master of our time. You also have Carnegie’s example where Love helped to create a greatest business success of all times. You also have an incredible example of The Giving People. We have been given everything necessary to become our own best teachers.


Is there any other conscious state of being which is greater than Love bordering with peace and Freedom? With Love you recognize your talent and employ it to achieve Success. What’s most important is that with Love you find Happiness.  As you complete transforming your past, you will find yourself at the “border”. Beyond this border is Freedom. At that moment you may be subtly persuaded to move on, which is a definite sign of your ability to find Freedom.





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