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The MASTER’S SOLUTIONS technique gives you a unique opportunity to intelligently and consciously clean out the waste dump – leaving behind only useful programs while eliminating hurtful traumas, offense, and all the various roots of all your current problems.  The past will be nothing more than a set of mental records, lacking any emotional charge.  Thus, your sansara circle will not be repeated on the next level and you can consciously choose the path to make your dreams real. The technique also can eliminate your dream’s emotional charge and make it a clear intention.  Your will will also become much stronger.  The technique eliminates the painful difference between your illusory perception of the world and reality.  And you will enjoy reality, simply because you will not be judging good and bad, life and death. You will become like the Buddha, without desire, so that you can find contentment and enjoyment in your life. 

Thus, what the technique gives you is “endless, immortal, peaceful, and blissful consciousness.”

Please visit www.mastersofuniverse.net and get the free book

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