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The whole idea is to transcend your mind, kundalini, gunas, everything.
Do not get involved in yoga practices. It keeps you earthbound.
Get involved in trying to understand who you are.
Try to realize that I have to experience the gunas,
the kundalini, enlightenment.
I want to experience these things.

Focus on the I.

The I who wants supernatural powers. The I who has problems.
The I who can't seem to get along.
The I who believes something is wrong and something is right.

Focus on the I. Who is the I? Where did the I come from?

When you're sleeping at night the I is not there, for you're asleep,
but something is still watching you sleep.

The kundalini people say that when the kundalini shakti
travels to the head
you become enlightened, but the Jnani sees it differently.

The kundalini rises from the heart,
from the right side of the chest and goes through a channel
to the brain.

But when it gets to the brain, this is not enlightenment.
This is when you become aware of the world.

You become aware of the body, and the mind phenomena.
It is when the kundalini goes from the brain back to the heart,
the spiritual heart center, that enlightenment comes.
~Robert Adams - T81: Absolute Nothingness

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