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I have a few questions about wording my release questions or goals.
Thank you again in advance.

When I release the three wants, I basically use the three default words, approval, control and security. I sometimes feel other words or wording fit better to the situation. For example, I often feel "I want to be in control" rather than "I want to control." Sure, they basically mean the same thing, but they have slightly different "feels" (Probably former is more about my mental state and the latter is about the situation/things). Is it better to search for the right wording or sticking to "approval, control, security" are good enough/could be better?

(2) The second question is about negation/negative wording. It is said that the subconscious doesn't understand "negative" and we should always use positive wording. The Sedona method talks about "wanting to be controlled" for example, and possibly it is to avoid saying "wanting not to control." But sometimes "wanting not to control" fits better to the situation (though they could mean the same thing) and I wonder if I should still avoid using that.

By the way, This "the subconscious doesn't understand negative" thing confuses me a lot because Hale says not to use "I allow myself to stop smoking" because the  subconscious only understands "smoking" and recommends to use "allow myself to be a non-smoker." Sure, "non-smoker" is a positive word as a whole, but does the subconscious understand the "non" part? I also wonder about "disease-free" or words like that... 

Anyway, any input, thoughts on these would be most appreciated and I hope my questions are useful to other members as well. 

Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your reply again.
I am very happy with your answers and they actually "released" my wanting being perfect, knowing the answers etc.
As you can probably see, I have a strong mind. It did help me in the career/social aspects but it always had been an effort and struggle until I hit the bottom and realized it was not the way I wanted to live. After I started to release my life surely got better and I don't "think" too much anymore, but as you say I know I have to keep watching it and letting go "wanting to figure it out" etc.

By the way your explanation about visualizing surely put me at ease :)

Thank you very much again.   

It's the same goal for all your health issues, "I allow myself to have a body that is perfect for me with ease".

As you wrote, you are not intended to visualize this as some "The Secret" manifestation affirmation. It is intended to bring up feelings. And based on what you wrote, you are doing it right first, as in "Often it's difficult to visualize "a healthy body" when my body is actually having sickness/difficulties" - which is the point and what you have to release, but then you go back to "how to word/picture it". Not knowing how to word or picture it is what you have to release at that moment.

It's not that non-smoker is fine, it is that some people can picture a person that is a non-smoker. Or maybe they can't, then don't use it. I'd use some goal like "I allow my body to be perfectly happy and satisfied with deep breaths of air only with ease". Or something like that, I didn't use any picture to release my smoking habit.

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