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The original method is the Six Steps. The original method is to take the thought/feeling/emotion, SEE the Wanting Approval, Wanting to Control, Wanting to be Safe and - if possible - Wanting to be Separate causing the thought/feeling/emotion and release the Want. That's the original method. If in doubt about it, read and re-read Lester's story, it's all there. Here are the highlights:
The first huge insight Lester had that started it all was Wanting Approval. He saw that he was happy when he was loving and miserable when he was Wanting Love, then saw that all feelings could be changed to Love and that's how he released.
After releasing a lot of that, he had the insight of Wanting to Control (bumper cars
image). He saw he wanted to changed everything and released that.
After releasing those two, he saw that behind all of that was Wanting to be Safe and Fear of Dying.
In one audio (don't remember which one) Lester actually tell people to release Wanting Approval and Wanting Control till they can see Wanting Security and Survival, then release that.
Goal Charts, Attachments and aversions, the Special Releasing Process were all developed along with Lester. I don't know who created what, probably Virginia and Hale had a hand on that, but Lester was there including being at the retreats while this was being taught (which is where Lester's audios come from).

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Good thread

'Lester actually tell people to release Wanting Approval and Wanting Control till they can see Wanting Security and Survival, then release that'.

Not until they can see, he said you won't be able to let go of wanting safety until you had enough practice with letting go of w\approval and control. 

"Wanting to be Separate"

forget it. Lester said release only the three wants 

Well, maybe, but I'd guess it is because people can't see Wanting to be Separate. It is not wanting to stay away or separate from something, like wanting to be separate from a person. It is the addiction to the feeling of being an ego.

You can't see your addiction to the sensation of being an ego till you see who you really are, then seeing the false selves, then seeing how much you want to be the false self. As I mentioned in another post, it is the most fundamental blindspot.

But it is there, it is possible to see it with some work (just took me 7 years of releasing plus 4 years focusing on it directly), and when I release that the whole "person" that wants disappear and that's what caused the most change, much faster than with approval and control and even safety.

It is not just thinking about Freedom, it is seeing the entity that captures and binds you, then having the whole thing disappear forever. Works well for me, but I agree that most people would be better off forgetting it and sticking to the more obvious wants.

Mario, I am posting this again (the original course - the method kept clean) hoping that more people will get exposed to it:  


Yes, I'm still going through it. Slow because I don't like this agflap chart part, feels like going backwards with it, just go for the wants! But I know, it's the basic course, and I want to go through it all.

1. But I heard that the real secret of the method lies in the "decision-making"... Just make the decision to release it. So all in all, the questions are not needed... no formula is needed.... all you need is to MAKE the deciSion to let it go. I heard this was the biggest secret buried in the secret vaults of The original teachings..

2. I get so confused when people write about several ways of releasing. Its confusing. I just want the formula distilled down to a small piece of paper...

A) release the wants
B) send yourself and others love/approval

We dont need more? It gets so confusing

You're not wrong. But there's a difference between that and the Original Method itself, which is the Six Steps. On the other hand, the Six Steps don't have any mention of "ask questions", so what you wrote applies.

If you look for more you'll get confused. I went that route through hundreds of things and now I just use 3 methods. From releasing all you need is the Six Steps.

Would you please share the 3 methods?

Releasing, Guy Finley and Life Transformation 3/4 from Healing Codes.

Guy Finley is a guy that might be Free, and his teachings are the same as Lester, but his focus is wanting separation only. He mentions approval, control and security, but he releases the whole thing from separation. It's what was missing for me from releasing, like having the whole picture.

LT3/4 is also a releasing method, but without theory. Just straight up mechanical "do-it". I don't give much credit to this, but in the Hawkins scale it was rated 600. Lester was somewhere at this level. I mention this because David Hawkins was a Lester student, and he has an interview on youtube talking about the Sedona Method. But this scale is too much "woo-woo" for me.

Aha... ok... thanks Mario

Say.... in the words of Columbo..."just one more thing"

1. When we send a person love/approval, we don't have to ask releasequestions right? Its enough just to sort of "do it"... like, just deciding to do it as an intention, like when we decide to do the dishes or take a walk or whatever, right??

2. When we send love to a problem or bad feeling....again, do we need to use questions or is it enough to just have the intention and deciding to send the love/approval??

Ask away, that's why we are here. Both questions have the same answer:

Yes, you're right, but it depends on the person. I'm not a naturally loving person, I'm more neutral-indifferent towards people, so I can't do much without the questions. On the other hand, when I see dogs/cats on the street, or worse, a puppy, it's like I explode with love without even thinking.

To check it, see how you feel about a person before, and then do it by intention and maybe with the questions to compare. If it is working you'll feel lighter. If it works with both, see which one is more natural to you.

The questions are a learning tool, you dont need them long term. I don't ask questions when I'm on "Guy Finley" mode because there are no questions, just a practice of attention and seeing things that are there, but you are not seeing right now.

Releasing happens already when you see the wants, just by being aware of them, without questions. But then comes resistance/doubt and they stop the process. The questions are a way for you to "counteract" (not the best word) the resistance.

Use this as a reference: your awareness is what does the releasing. Bringing wants to awareness starts the process and the ego stops it with "no, you can't". But you can if you decide because it is your ego, not the other way around. But because we identify with the ego that feels it can't and says it can't (very important) - we think we are it and it is our feeling because we don't know what we are - we decide to stop it. That's where enters step 2 and the questions.

But as you said, the decision is enough. The subconscious doesn't resist questions, which is why the questions work. But it resists affirmations contrary to its content. So if you decide you can release and KNOW you can, questions are not needed. But if you have any doubt, use the questions till you know.

On the days I "upgrade", which is what I call when I am Beingness and experience some amount of Freedom, releasing and loving come natural without questions. On normal days I use the questions.

the answer is for both releasing and giving approval to anything. The answer for me is: I use both questions and intention, depending on the day.

1. Aha excellent answer. But if our subconsc doensnt believe in our question-less intentions, we can perhaps retrain it by keep doing the questionless intentions?? Sooner or later it has to bevome reprogrammed...

2. When we then ask questions...can we play around with the wording/phrasing?? I am a stickler for details...but I would be more comfortable, ironically, if we can design our own questioning..

1) That's a good point, the answer is yes...but. But you don't want to reprogram. Releasing is a deprogramming tool. If you reprogram you are undoing what you do. You want to empty it all out. Reprogramming is hypnosis, it is creating a different ego to control you when the point is to eventually eliminate the ego.

2) You can, but if you make it more complex, you release less. You don't want to think to answer the question. You want to immediately answer without thinking. If your question requires any "figuring out", it is not a good question.

At one retreat I released with a guy that, when I asked "Could you let go?" it took him about 5 minutes thinking to answer. Sometimes 10 minutes. Do I need to say this guy thought releasing didnt work and never came back?

I cant tell you that releasing will lead you to Freedom because I'm not Free like Lester. That's the reason I've never tried to be an instructor. But I can tell you with 100% certainty that it works as is if you keep it simple. It won't always happen fast, sometimes it takes days digging and releasing, but each release is working if you are doing it without any figuring out. And, back to question 1, it will take a lot more time if you try reprogramming.

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