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Feel free to share your gains here!

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I thought I'd start a gains thread here. Larry has his famous "I allow myself to have 100 dollars or more by releasing only" goal. I turned it into 1000 kronor, and got the exact sum, it took me about two months, but if could release and get it anyone can..
Huge gain for me was being told about this forum - where we are free to talk about all aspects of the method without restriction in any way. Thankyou DJ for setting this up-I am very grateful :)
Thank Beingness ;)
I do thank beingness DJ but I can thankyou too if I want to - so there...:)
I have now been releasing for about 1 year. Gain!
Seriously? That is neat!
I have not had a job to go to for a while. The financial situation started to look troubling. Then yesterday a woman called me and begged me to work at a nuclear plant in my hometown for a couple of months. They are in desperate need of work force. She said I could work as much I liked, and that I could decide the dates and time myself. Great! Travelling and living expenses would also be taken care of ..
Had a sore throat for about half an hour: Usually these things last for 3 days or more. Sometimes they’re just the beginning of a full blown flu. A few days ago, I had talked to a few people in the same day who had either a bad cold or the flu. That same afternoon I started to notice unmistakable sore throat symptoms. The next thought my mind offered up was, “Well, you haven’t been sick for a long time. I guess it’s your turn again.” Then I was able to distinguish the thought-leading-to-sickness phenomenon unfolding and said, “Wait. I’m going to nip this in the bud.” I let go of wanting to have a sore throat and a vague sense of wanting approval. Then I put my attention on the tasks I had for the rest of the day and forgot about it entirely. That evening, I was reminded of the sore throat issue and realized that I had no symptoms whatsoever. The sore throat never even really had a chance to take hold.
Hi lovely ones and a very happy new year to you all - I haven't been in for a while!!!

Gains - I have had alot!!! I log them now so that I can look back and not forget!

*I have been given things out of the blue lately, when least expected and from those that had never given anything before.
*I got a room upgrade without even asking when away.
*A person bought a gift subscription for a site I belong to - totally out of the blue just mailed and said to me ' I wanted you to join this place so here you are'.
*I was in a Tapas restaurant and admired the candle lights they had there - and happened to just ask the staff where they got them. As I left, the owner put one in my hand and said take that home with you.

All little things admittedly but just lovely gestures all of them...:)
Wonderful. Makes life fun, right? You never know where the next serendipity will come from. Happy new year to you too.
I just got Larry's new newsletter this morning and it talked about the importance of writing down your gains so I've decided to start using this space for mine. I know I talk about not having money or abundance, but that's not entirely true. I've had some amazing results since I started using the method correctly:

1. I feel so light and I keep getting lighter!!!!
2. It use to be impossible for me to give myself approval (I got bored) but I kept releasing disapproval of myself and now I can go on for hours and I almost feel like crying I feel so good.
3. I have absolutely no worries about money, at all. I can't believe it. Prior to releasing correctly, if I'd wake up in the middle of the night and I'd think of my life and a thrill of panic would go through me. I was miserable. Now I try to bring the panic up these days if I wake in the middle of the night so I can release it and it's not there and I'm soooooo happy!!!
4. I expect something good to happen to me everyday and little things do.
5. I released heavily on "doing something" (everyone should release the hell out of that one) and now I understand the meaning of the butt system. It all happens inside and any efforting in the matrix/world would be same as trying to fix your hair by touching a mirror.
6. Different people used to bother me and now they don't. My relationships are peaceful on my part and my world is fine.

If I don't get a dime, I don't care, I feel wonderful! I'm paying close attention now to all the detailed steps and instructions (I released for 2-1/2 years ass backwards and I thank the gods I stayed with it) and I'm seeing results, wonderful amazing results. This stuff is magic!!!!!!

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